Workplace training should be easier

Sprout and bloom. Just like a plant, given the right mix of soil, sunlight, water and nutrients, and a shrewd gardner, it will deepen and spread it’s roots and branches, grow and produce fruit.

We at UpgradeNgrow LMS believes a company’s most important asset- it’s staff- will be fully engaged, grow and improve the bottom-line given the right management and training/ learning culture and environment.


Businesses need to continue to train and equip their staff despite COVID-19. The pandemic has created opportunities for companies and organisations to upgrade their offerings to customers and so doing increased their profitability. That is, the ones that had online training facilities. Others were left behind.

That’s where we come in by offering our cutting-edge Learning Management System (LMS).

Our robust LMS provides off-the-shelf training courses, allow for customization and white-labeling, and for creating courses with your original content.

UpgradeNgrow is powered by who delivers training solutions that suits the needs of companies of any size and complexity.

UpgradeNgrow helps companies convert their chalk-and-talk course material into advanced 2.0-compatible e-Learning. This helps organizations achieve the following efficiency improvements:

  • Cut the cost of travel and accommodations associated with classroom courses
  • Increase course effectiveness
  • Increase course flexibility
  • Track employee participation and monitor end-of-course quizzes (if applicable)